Hotel in rote island
Come find freedom

White sands, crystal clear waters
and perfect surfing waves

10°53'03" South - 122°49'31" East

Where are we?

Rote Island is located about 500km northwest of Australia. It is also situated southwest of Flores and Sumba and southwest of Timor Ocidental (capital Kupang). As such, it is one of the southernmost islands in all of Asia.

Rote covers an area of 1200km2 and has a population of more than 100,000 inhabitants. The island is surrounded by several smaller islands, mostly unpopulated.

White sands, crystal clear waters and perfect surfing waves. An intact, relaxed and unexplored island thanks to its remoteness in the west end of Indonesia. The beach for you alone or shared with piggies, cows and other domestic animals that graze in freedom. All this at 81 Palms hotel in Rote Island.

rote island map

Don't think twice

Why 81 Palms?

Our boutique resort, hotel in Rote Island is born of our own desires when traveling; where do we like to stay?  What food would we enjoy eating?  What kind of bed do we like to sleep in? What do we look for in hospitality?

We feel we have created it all at 81 Palms.  5,000 m2 of white sand beneath the palms.  A swimming pool that merges with the horizon.  6 huge luxury Cabanas in local style, 92m2 for you to enjoy.
Open the door to nature and to your well-being. Remove your shoes, take off your watch; you won’t need it here. Feel free.

Look for the extraordinary in simplicity. Fall asleep and wake up with the noise of the birds and the waves.
Enjoy our delicious food directly from the market and the ocean to the table.
Be amazed at the beauty of our sunsets over and over again.

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get to know us

Who are we?

ulia, José and their little son. Owners of the hotel in rote island 81 palms and next door

My name is Julia and I am a former dive instructor with a passion for the environment and nature. Originally from Madrid, I’m committed to giving all our guests the most amazing vacation experience possible. Jose (known as Cote to many people) is a top chef who gave up his Barcelona city life and working in Michelin-starred restaurants to help create 81Palms. Now we live happily in Rote with Mikel, our little boy. As a family, we are completely dedicated to your enjoyment of 81 Palms, Rote and all it has to offer.