Rote Island, the great little paradise in Indonesia

Rote island resort beach front

Surely if you think of Indonesia, the first thing that comes to mind are images of white sand beaches and turquoise water.

And the fact is that its white sand beaches, wild nature, volcanoes, dances, food and rituals eclipse anyone. Undoubtedly an ideal destination for nature lovers who want to visit its virgin forests, coral reefs, and even see animals such as pigs, cows and many more animals that graze freely throughout the island.

Roti Island is an Indonesian island, the southernmost island of the Eurasian plate, and is well known for its crystal clear waters and perfect waves. It covers an area of 1200 km2 and has a population of over 100,000 inhabitants. The island is surrounded by several smaller, mostly uninhabited islands.

Surf lovers flock to Nemberala every year to enjoy the tubes formed by the spectacular reefs. And 81 Palms is located just 200 meters from the famous T-Land break at Nemberela Beach.

Beach Rote island

Rote Island, its landscapes and its people

The best thing about the island of Rote Indonesia is undoubtedly its people. In this earthly paradise you will not only find natural wonders but also meet hospitable and friendly people who live mainly from fishing, agriculture, and seaweed farming.

The views offer a spectacular landscape of palm and coconut trees. Extensive beaches with extraordinary marine life will keep you in tranquility and away from the noise. In addition, as there is no light pollution, you will be able to enjoy a starry sky.


family at 81 palms

Rote Island Indonesia, an ideal paradise for events

Have you ever thought about what your dream wedding would be like? Imagine yourself dressed as a bride, walking along a white sand beach and turquoise water, listening to the sound of the waves in the background and smelling the sea breeze. Quite a dream, isn’t it?

Well, all that can come true. Roti Island, located in Indonesia, is characterized by its white sand beaches with turquoise water, as well as its fauna and flora. There all animals graze freely, from turtles, manatees and manatees to cows, sea sharks and pigs. You can also enjoy its coral reef, typical of the Indo-Pacific Ocean.

Its wonderful waves, crystal clear water and comfortable water temperature make surfing an unforgettable experience. Its cozy cabins with unbeatable views, its Spanish restaurant with an Indonesian touch and its chef Jose, who has a Michelin star, will leave you amazed. Not to mention the natural saltwater pool, where you can unwind while listening to the birds singing in the background.

A paradise to forget about everything and relax, ideal for weddings, honeymoons or even a few days of total relaxation.

You can enjoy your special day in a resort hotel on Rote Island with luxurious facilities and pleasant temperatures, surrounded by nature and tranquility.

Your special occasions deserve special accommodations. When you choose 81 Palms for your event, we provide more than a pretty scene.

How did 81 palms come up?

It all started with Jose and Julia, a couple who came to Indonesia following their dreams.

Jose, a chef since 1993, was awarded best metre in Spain in 2004 and in 2006 his restaurant in Barcelona was awarded a Michelin star. A passionate surfer who came to Indonesia with the idea of enjoying his work in the kitchen while watching and enjoying the waves.

Julia, a zoologist and diving instructor since 2004, came to Indonesia to work on her great passion, diving and living on the edge of a sea, waking up to the sound of the waves and the smell of sea breeze.

Jose and Julia met in 2015 in Lembongan, a small island near Bali where surfing and diving are a great spectacle of nature. Shortly after, in 2017, they bet on a common dream: 81Palms, a boutique beachfront resort. Its open restaurant overlooking the turquoise waters is a gift for any lover of the sea, the white sand, wood and coconut huts offer you a unique experience for your senses. Surrounded by waves, coral reefs, mangroves, deserted beaches, palm trees… That is their little paradise, where they enjoy the blue in many ways.

familia owner 81 palms rote island


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