Surf, diving, fishing, kayak...
There is plenty to do here!

Uncrowded Indian Ocean Waves

World-class surf

If you are looking for perfect waves far from the usual crowds, Rote island is the haven you are seeking. With world-class waves to suit all levels and unspoiled pristine beaches, Rote will turn your surf trip into an unforgettable adventure. Your stay at 81Palms includes boat transfers to all the surf breaks around the island of Rote.


man surfing


Wave sucky mamma on Rote Island in front of the hotel in Rote Island 81 Palms

Sucky Mamas



wave squealers


Chef Jose at the beach in front hotel 81 palms and next door in rote island and friend with surfboards ready to surf

Hidden Spoit

Multiple inmersion sites

Diving & Snorkeling

Be amazed by the warm and clear blue waters full of varied marine fauna. Enjoy the privilege of diving knowing that we will be the only explorers of multiple immersion sites, many yet to be discovered.

Countless possibilities

Fishing adventure

A place that still remains a secret, Rote and its surrounding islands offer us countless possibilities for fishing. A highly experienced professional will make it possible for you to enjoy an unrivaled fishing adventure. 

school of fish

Uncrowded Indian Ocean Waves


Wander among mangroves, white sand shores, heavenly corners full of beauty and silence. Experience a different day surrounded by nature.

Island trip


By sea or by land, you decide how you want to explore Rote, or its neighboring islands.

view of the sea from the boat
a man and a woman on a black van

All aboard!

Enjoy our new boat

Enjoy an unforgettable boat trip.

9m long, 200 horsepower, virgin islands where you can get lost, coral reefs in the middle of the ocean, accessibility to surf in remote waves.

You can’t miss the experience!

white boat on the sea with a woman holding a coconut
boy snorkeling in rote island